JP Weaver

Leo Dowell of the eponymous “Leo Dowell Designs” is an internationally acclaimed designer specializing in interior and exterior designs requiring authentic French, Italian and English details for today's life style.

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For nearly a decade, the founders of Camantra have offered unique products and complete design services for homeowners and commercial properties. These include stone landscaping, architectural elements and luxurious interior finishes. Their long standing reputation for quality has helped them form exclusive partnerships with JP Weaver Company along with some of the world’s top suppliers in home finishings.

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Ronen Sas is a Period Interior Designer creating tailor made designs in various period styles that transform plain, dull spaces into the magnificent and elegant. Every style from any period can be recreated in various materials and techniques both old and new. Ronen specializes in the art of Boisserie (Decorative wall panelling): an old tradition that initiated as insulation from the cold and evolved to a decorative standard in opulent houses of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Decorative Artist and Interior Designer Scott M. Soffa has over 25 years experience in the fields of Interior Design and Decoration. Preferring a hands on approach, Scott has painted and applied decorative ornament from coast to coast. Located in Denver Colorado, Scott is an Authorized J.P. Weaver design and intstallation specialist.