JP Weaver
Compo Installation

Part One - Beginning the Layout

Part one begins with the basic layout. Carbon tracing paper is used to
duplicate the layout of the ornament. It is not critical at this
point to get the entire layout perfectly traced.

Part Two - Tool Description and Basic Steaming Techniques

Part two covers the basic tools you will need including the "steamer"
which is available through JP Weaver. Other simple tools are
discussed such as an exacto blade and head knife.

Part Three - Beginning Ornament Layout

In part three you will begin to layout the ornament for your panel.
Careful layout at this stage will ensure a beautiful design.
Attention should be paid to symmetry.

Part Four - Layout of Fret Ornament

Part four shows you how to layout and cut the fret pieces.
These delicate pieces must be handled carefully to avoid
damage from stretching or over-steaming.

Part Five - Fret and Scroll Layout

In part five you will enhance your fret work with these beautiful scroll pieces.
Again, care should be facilitated here to the symmetry of the design layout.

Part Six - Mitre of Egg and Dart Ornament

The Egg and Dart border serves as the beautiful frame for the design.
The mitres should be carefully done to accomplish exact
reveals from all angles.

Part Seven - Layout of Center Egg and Dart

The flexibility of the JP Weaver compo is demonstrated here as the center
Egg and Dart must be slightly stretched to ensure design symmetry.
An important technique that you can master.

Part Eight - Layout of the Center Shell

As the focal point of this elegant panel design, the Center Shell Piece
and its layout are described here. Again care and attention to detail in the
layout and installation will yield beautiful results.

Part Nine - Enhancing the Shell Profile

Build up for the crest of the Center Shell serves to provide a dramatically
elegant profile similar to the designs found in Europe. A wonderful
technique to be mastered for your design projects.

Part Ten - Assembly of the Side Leaves

The beautiful botanicals flanking the shell provide a venerable elegance
to the design. Here you are shown how to mirror the ornament by
"sandwiching" pieces to add dimension.

Part Eleven - Final Pointing Techniques

Final "pointing" techniques are discussed here along with all the finishing touches.
The final rosette ornament is added to the Center Shell.
Your beautiful panel is now ready for finishing.